“Believe it or not, there was life in San Jose before Silicon Valley. This area
has a rich history that runs deeper than the latest, greatest gadget or mirrored
building and Josh Marcotte is committed to preserving it. Armed with only a
camera, Marcotte takes to the streets to document the fading and slowly
crumbling buildings, landmarks, signage and structures of the San Jose of old
for a photo project that he refers to as Lost San Jose. Now 10 years and several
cameras into the project, Marcotte is creating a visual tribute to what he calls
a city that’s hidden, overlooked and unwanted.”

— Metro Silicon Valley. Best of 2011 Issue.

I’m a writer, photographer and Fourth Generation San Jose resident, stumbling through the world sleep deprived. My life is scraps of paper and photos of the places I find myself. Most of them are in San Jose, but sometimes I find myself further afield. Here is my life, in no particular order.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I really like what you are doing! I was born in San Jose and lived in and around this city for half a century so I recognize most of the places you have photographed. I also ride Caltrain everyday and recognize many of the images along that corridor. I still see a couple of remaining Girafas that have not been covered up yet. I am facinated with old buildings and old signs so I look forward to following your blog. There are so many relics of the past the need to be documented before they go away. For example, the Hart’s Department Store logo painted on the back of a brick warehouse next to the train tracks that you have photographed up close. You have a photo of the H over a heart shape, and a close up of just the letters “art” but I haven’t seen a shot of the whole sign. I’m amazed that sign has not been covered up after all these years. Anyway…keep up the good work!

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